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Did your web browser give you an invalid certificate warning?

These instructions apply to Non .MIL computer users who are prompted with an "Invalid Certificate" error message while attempting to access the and web sites.

For this "Invalid Certificates" message to not appear, non .MIL users will need to install DoD Root Certificates. The message you are receiving is normal. By default, Microsoft Internet Explorer does not have any DoD Certificate Authorities (CAs) in the Trusted Root Certificate Authority (CA). The message you are receiving is informing you of this.

The security certificates for these sites are valid, but not a trusted CA in your web browser until the DoD Root Certificates are installed. The DoD Root Certificates will add "DoD CLASS 3 Root CA" to your machine's Trusted Root CA. Once your web browser recognizes "DoD CLASS 3 Root CA" as a trusted CA, the notification will disappear.

DoD Certificates can be installed from the following public site: