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Inherent Resolve, 4 ft., Streamer Army Flag

The Inherent Resolve , 4 foot, streamer for the Army flag is now available to purchase. You can order by following these instructions:

Click the 'Create a Heraldry Request (DD1348-6)' link below or on the heraldy.army.mil home page. On the resulting 'New Heraldry Request Entry' screen, select Streamer on Step 2 and select STREAMER - FOR ARMY FLAG, 4' on Step 3. Complete all other required fields, including total quantity of steamers being ordered. For Step 8-Remarks: Specify name and quantities of each individual streamer. To fulfill requirements in a timely manner, we recommend that you specify the use of your GPC in the remarks box also.

The following link, also found on the www.heraldry.army.mil home page, will open a new requisition form:

Create Heraldry Request (DD1348-6)